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 Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. is a very good ,Asto numerologist Numerology Hyderabad Astrology Hyderabad &Rudraksha Astrology experot and good gemologist. She well analysis Astrology horoscope through Astrologe Numerology lots of people got benefits since 10 years Astrology Hyderabad. Lots of client & celebrates metes and they got good results like gagan narang Hyderabad word shutter Olympic medalist. And also film producers ,film actors and lot s of political and prominent people got benefited through her Astrologe predictions her predictions shows accuracy and also good remedial methods like Rudraksha wearing And gem wearing she will provoke positive energy in Rudraksha and gems. She will energized with mantras and she will give to the peropve through Astrology after wearing of Rudraksha and gems people like great celebrates in society thay will get good results and they will recommended her to other people. She will analysis professional Astrologe Numerology in Hyderabad. cinima astrology also she will give good name vibration for calling names and signature and also she will give good business names as per numerology. If date birth is not available she will give predictions through palmistry and she will analysis through marriage date, children date of birth and give numerology astrology predictions she will give good predictions to vedic vastu also.
 Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. Astrology Hyderabad PHONE NUMBER 096766 59666, 09849728764
Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. Asto numerologist has earned proficiency in Astrology Numerology and Rudraksha expert. And have been working as an Astrologe and Numerology profession since 10 years Hyderabad. And now has become a professional in that area Astrologe Numerology Rudraksha and luck stones. who deal with the problems of the people and heal them by giving them a Astrologecial,numecrical, Rudrakska by considering their date and time of birth, otherwise school date birth, marriage date , children born date, Palmistry
( hand) People whoever is facing problems regarding their Marital life, Career, Education, health, business financial matters and who require Peace of mind etc, can consult her and an ultimate solution to your problems will be provided after careful observation throe Astrology Numerology. As discussed above about the various problems faced by the people during their lifetime, the solution by us is provided by giving a Rudraksha or gem stone, mantra which has to be chanted everyday as Specified and lucky number as per Numerology if needed considering their time and date of birth.
Rudraksha is Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra("Shiva") and aksha ("eyes").Aksha means eye. Rudra and aksha means the one who is capable of looking at and doing everything (for example, the third eye). Aksha also means axis. Since the eye can rotate on one axis, it too is known as aksha.
Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. numerologist Hyderabad had earned a remarkable place in selling the best Rudrakshas pertaining to the various problems of the people. Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. numerologist clintes As on today, she deserves the lead place all over the State like,  Numerology Vijayawada, Numerology  Guntur,  Numerology ongole, Numerology Nellore,  Numerology Tirupathi,  Numerology Visakhapatnam Numerology  Rajahmundry Numerology Kurnool Numerology  bhimavaram Numerology cuddapah eluru  Numerology Karimnagar  Numerology Khammam  Numerology Warangal   Numerology ongole   Numerology  Rajahmundry  Numerology Kurnool Numerology  bhimavaram Numerology   cuddapah Numerology  Numerology eluru  Numerology Karimnagar   Numerology Khammam  Numerology Warangal,All over andra Pradesh TS and  Numerology Bangalore  Numerology Delhi  Numerology Mumbai  Numerology Lucknow Numerology Nagpur  Numerology  Ahmedabad  Numerology Kanpur Numerology Chennai Numerology Kolkata Numerology Pune Lote of India nri clients Numerology United States of America Numerology Alabama Numerology Arizona Numerology California Numerology Florida Numerology  Numerology New Jersey, Numerology New York Numerology North Carolina Numerology Ohio Numerology Pennsylvania Numerology Texas Numerology Utah Numerology Washington ETC.

As per details found in the Purana there are fourteen kinds of Rudraksha, which are called Mukhi or faced Rudraksha. Mukhi or faces of Rudraksha are deep lines found on the surface of the Rudraksha from bottom to the top hole. The number of these lines decides about the type or Mukhi Rudraksha. For example, if a Rudraksha has three such lines it is called 3 Mukhi or 3 face Rudraksha. Other handwritten Scriptures found with various saints narrate the properties of 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is believed that these beads were available in the ancient time from 1 to 108 Mukhi. Now they have become most rare Natural thing.
Rudraksha is used for removing malefic planetary effect. There are twenty seven Constellations. Each has control of one of the Nine Planets. Each constellation is controlled by some related Rudraksha. Therefore according to these constellations, various multifaceted Rudraksha are worn (Control planets) and is found useful in multidiscipline. The Multifaceted or Mukhi Rudraksha which has various planets residing on it, always receive energy from related planet. Its power of receiving energy is tremendous and it works like a reservoir. It not only receives energy, it is also known for emitting energy continuously.
Mrs Rajasudha is a Postgraduate who has done M.Com, M.A in Astro Numerology is provided with a personal office in Kompally, Hyderabad. She is known to have deal with many problems of people there, who have successfully come out of their problems which had never ending stories in their lives. Due to her proficiency in that area, just in span of 10 years,
Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. numerologist Hyderabad had earned a remarkable place in selling the best Rudrakshas pertaining to the various problems of the people. As on today, she deserves the lead place all over the State like, Astrology Vijayawada Astrology Guntur Astrology ongole Astrology Nellore Astrology Tirupathi Astrology Visakhapatnam Astrology Rajahmundry Astrology Kurnool Astrology bhimavaram, Astrology cuddapah eluru Astrology Karimnagar Astrology Khammam Astrology Warangal All over andra Pradesh TS and Astrology Bangalore Astrology Delhi Astrology Mumbai Astrology Lucknow Astrology Nagpur Astrology Ahmedabad Astrology Kanpur Astrology Chennai Astrology Kolkata Astrology Pune Lote of India nri clients United States of Astrology America, Astrology Alabama Astrology Arizona California Florida New Numerologyst Jersey New York Numerology North Carolina Numerologyst Ohio Pennsylvania Numerologyst Texas Numerologyst Utah Numerologyst Washington ETC.
  Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD.Numerology Hyderabad PHONE NUMBER 096766 59666, 09849728764
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Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD.Astrology Hyderabad Numerology Hyderabad PHONE NUMBER 096766 59666, 09849728764

We are on the threshold of enter in the 21st century, which implies a greater thrust of super-technology, a jet-set life style. Our sin lives will be increasingly determined by what the super computers are fed with and perhaps soon enough we may be relying on robots who would be at our beck and call.
 One essential fact remains undisputed and that is the ability of the human mind see and Perceive beyond what meets the eye only at the surface. It has been established over the ages that  planets right up there in the solar system   have a formidable influence on human life, the thinking and behavior patterns of human beings, and that the turn of events in his/her  life are  largely shaped by the stars in our galaxy. The sun and the planets have the greatest and most immediate influence on the earths at morpheme and environment because the earth is a part of the solar system.
Due to this changing pattern, the lives of men are also continuously in a state of flux. The science which can analyze and interpret the results of these influences is called “astrology”.
Now we are stepping in to a field to knowledge and interest which is highly debatable. Astrology is a combination of science and metaphysics.  To make a map and erect a horoscope from the birth particulars is a scientism fix process requiring considerable expertise, skill and application.
There are five basic elements in the human system which directly co –relate to parallel elements in the solar system and this is precisely where the crux of the issue lies. Vouch for a fair amount of accuracy only when its finer nuances have been meticulously researched. Astrology is only an attempt to have a glimpse of the future stream of life.
Just as we can decip her the impact of astralo gical science on an individual’s life pattern, it is similarly analyzed for a nation and country, even the plants and animal life influenced by the planetary configurations. Similarly, the water   balance in human body is influenced by the moon.
This water-balance, on the other hand, controls our bodies and mind.
Similarly many ailments are caused by the adverse   planetary   impact of   the moon, e.g., Influenza, Chronic Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Nervous Tensions, Gout, Sciatica etc.
The moon influences the mind and emotional reactions. Whether a particular planet is auspicious or otherwise for a native requires detailed study of the birth chart and other parameters. similarly a planet in a moolatrikone (a positive  sign owned by a planet ) position is also considered to be auspicious to cause good results provided, of course, if it is not accepted by any acrimonious planet.
A planet in an enemy-house or in a house conjoined with an enemy or in a debilitating position is quite an inimical planet. The zodiac consists of 360 degrees of an arc which is divided into 27 constellations. These constellation divisions come in handily while analyzing the result of transits of planets through these constellations. India is accepted as the leading country in the field of Astor-science by world renowned astrologers.
The great india Astrologer, Bhrigu, in his most ancient treatise Bhrigu  samhitha propounded the result of his study on an astrological basis(regarding any man or women with a particular birth chart of horoscope), so lucidly that even today after aconsiderable lapse of time, whatever the ancient Indian philosopher propounded on astrology is relevant with full force. The works of the great  Indian Astrologers, like ‘’Parashar’’, ‘’Jiminy’’,  ‘’Arya   Bhatt’’,  Varaha-Mihir’’ etc. are valuable landmarks in the history of India Astrology.
The astounding action of astrological science is manifested by the diseases that are caused by the action of evil planets on a particular native.  Some of the finer engineering brains behind the construction of bridges fail when they predict that the bridges will last for 200 years but they collapse in two months.
So, somewhere along the line, calculations may go wrong. To err is human. The lattice structure of astronomy and astrology is based on the movement of the heavenly bodies. Since at no two points in time and space can all the parameters coincide, hence the significance of each and every movement, in its entirety, cannot be underrated.  The third movement is an imperceptible as that of a glacier, yet it is there. This may well explicate the ‘’errors’’ and factors of chance in asrto-predictions as the third comic movement is slightly beyond human comprehension.
Now it is time to talk about the co-relation between astrology and numerology, It is undisputed that there is karmic influence. The Hindu system bears a direct impact on one’s birth, death, marriage, children etc.
The Astor-sciences, like a doctor, guide you. It can fairly reveal what would be your basic characteristics, likes and dislikes, marital harmony or discord, your level of intellect and many  such related matters including love life, professional achievements, honors and distinctions numerology is so lucid that even a non-expert can again from this study. It is not as transcendental and mystical as the occult sciences are usually thought to be.
Astros-numerology can efficaciously build a better character and add to your success especially for a person who has developed a feeling of insecurity, loneliness or fear of the unknown.
The Hindu system of astrology, as also other branches of the occult, including Astro-numerology, is based on perception, observation and experiment. So modern science should not dismiss our achievements   in the occult.
Astrology is growing in importance. Our achievements in the study and research of Astrology and other astro-sciences have been remarkable. To reiterate the human effort and will power, spiritual evolution and other remedial measures can change the fat of an individual or nation and, therefore, by studying and applying the science of astrology, one can contribute a lot for the well being of human beings.
The right use of names, colors, dress, dates, and partners, business associates, through astrological assistance or guidance gives life a smooth run.
Everyone is happy to posse’s wealth and riches. Day-to-day life and in predicting major events such as earthquakes,  natural  calamities, so that man can take effective and timely measures to counteract these adversities and make life more pleasant and enjoyable on this planet.  
If any planet or planets be strong at the time of birth of a person in his horoscope, then the mental qualities represented by the said planets will be equally strong in the person. Saturn is strong in the horoscope, the pessimism represented by Saturn will be less but if Saturn is weak, then that pessimism is likely to be accelerated.

Astrology The Colour and Form of Planet

The sun has a form with dark red rays.
The moon has a youthful form with a white body
Mars is of a pale red colour.
Mercury is of dark green colour of bent grass.
Jupiter has a bodyof yellow colour.
Venus has a white bidy and is of variegated colour.
Saturn is dark in colour.
Rahu has a black body.
Ketu has a variegated colour.
Astrology Planets-Lustrous, Stars and dark Planets
The moon and the sun are lustrous planets.
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter ,Venus and Saturn are star planets.
Ketu and rahu are dark planets
Mercury is extremely brilliant when he is 29 degrees away from the sun
Venus is extremely brilliant when she is 47 degrees away from the sun.
Astrology First 10 days of a lunar month, the Moon of Moderate Strength
In the 2nd 10 days, the moon is very auspicious and strong.
In the 3rd 10 days, it has little strength of its own but will be auspicious if aspected by benefic planets.

Astrology Rising of the Planets

The sun mars rahu and Saturn rise with the hind part first.
Venus, the moon and mercury rise with head foremost.
Astrology Form of planets
The sun and mercury have the form of a bird.
The moon is of the shape of a reptile.
Jupiter and venus are bipeds.
Saturn and mars are quadrupeds.
Astrology Residence of planets
The moon and venus rest in water
Jupiter and mercury live in places where learned men reside
Mars rahu Saturn ketu and the sun live in mountains and forests.

Astrology Age of planets

Mars is a child
Mercuary is boy
Venus is 16 years old
Jupiter is 50 years old
The moon is 70 years old
Saturn is 100 years old
Rahu is 100 years old
Ketu is 100 years old
Astrology Lord of Material objects
Jupiter, venus, mars, are lord of vegetable kingdoms.
Mars and the sun are lords of minerals.
Venus and Jupiter are lords of the animal kingdoms
Mercuary is the lord of all of these put  together


Astrology The planets represent various gems, minerals and stones then sliver
Sun                                         -               copper
Mars                                      -                gold
Jupiter                                   -                silver
Saturn                                    -                iron
Moon                                     -                gems
Mercury                                -                alloy of metals
Venus                                    -                gold

Astrology Planets are lords of directions

The sun lord of east
Venus is the lord of the south-east
Mars is the lord of the south
Rahu is lord of the south-west
Saturn is lord of the north
Moon is lord of the north
Jupiter is lord of the north-east
Astrology Planets – lords of Vedas
Jupiter is the lord of the rug veda
Mercury is the lord of the sama  veda
Venus is the lord of the yajur-veda
Astrology Planets                      Taste                                Period of influence

Sun                                     Pungent                                              6 months
Moon                                 saline                                                  2 ghatikas or 48minutes
Mars                                      bitter                                                1 day
Mercury                               mixed                                                2 months
Jupiter                                  sweet                                                1 month
Venus                                   astringent                                         15 days
Saturn                                  acid                                                     1 year

Astrology Planets – 5 stages of life in each house

In odd houses according to the number of degrees advanced a planet is said to be in older
             1 in infancy
             2 in boyhood
             3 in youth
             4 in middle age
             5 in extremely old age
In even houses a planet is said to be in order
(1) in extremely old age
(2) in middle age
(3) in youth
(4) in boy hood
(5) in infancy
Every thing in this world has an ego of its own, that which overpowers one’s own ego is bad. For instance the sun is so overpowering  and  hence it is considered a malefic.
Mercury is colourlessand can blend with anything there fore a well associated mercury is a benific while a badly associated mercury is a malefic.
he following principle may be easily adopted in understanding the planets and to know which are enemies or friends of a particular planet.

Astrology Mars

If you have a look at the celestial map of the heavens, you will find that certain planets are placed in certain positions in relation to each other. Even from Scorpio which is owned by mars, mercury owns the 8th and 11th houses from Scorpio the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 11th houses are definitely bad. From Gemini mars becomes the lord of the 3rd and 8th houses.
From   Aries, the sun becomes the lord of the 5th house, and therefore a friend. From Scorpio, he is the lord of the 10th house.
From Aries the moon is the lord of the 4th house and from Scorpio the moon is the lord of the 9th house from Cancer mars becomes the lord of the 5th and 10th house three fore the moon and mars are friends.
From Aries venus is the lord of the 2nd and 7th houses and from Scorpio the 7th and 12th houses. From Taurus mars becomes the lord of the 7th and 12th houses therefore we may safely count mars and venus more as friends than as neutrals.
Jupiter is the lord of the 9th and 12th houses from Aries from Scorpio of 2nd and 9th houses. Mars is the lord of the 5th and 12th houses. Mars and Jupiter are there fore friends.
Coming to Saturn from Aries Saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th houses. It can be seen here, one very bad house the 3rd, is very predominant though in both the cases there is a Kendra also to mitigate the evil. Still mars and Saturn must be considered to be more inimical than neutrals.
Therefore we can conclude that for mars:
Friends: venus, the moon, the sun, Jupiter and ketu (dragons tail)
Enemies: mercury Saturn and rahu (dragon’s head)

Astrology Venus  

Taking a Taurus ascendant, it can be seen that mercury is the lord of the 2nd and 5th houses, whereas from Libra It is the lord of the 9th and 12th houses 5th and 9th houses are an important factor and as such mercury and venus are friends.
The moon is the lord of the 3rd house from Taurus, but from Libra it is the lord of the 10th house still the 3rd house is playing an important factor. Hence for venus the moon is an enemy. Therefore to the sun has to be considered an enemy of venus and not a friend, because the 3rd and 11th houses are again playing a vital role. From Taurus Saturn is lord of the 9th and 10th houses whereas from Libra he happens to be the lord of the 4th and 5th houses.
Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. numerologist Hyderabad had earned a remarkable place in selling the best Rudrakshas pertaining to the various problems of the people. Dr Mrs Rajasudha Mcom, MA, Astrology P.HD. numerologist clintes As on today, she deserves the lead place all over the State like,   Astrology  Vijayawada,      Astrology ongole   Astrology  Rajahmundry Astrology  Kurnool Astrology  bhimavaram,  Astrology cuddapah, Astrology eluru Astrology Karimnagar Astrology Khammam Astrology Warangal,All over   india like Astrology Nagpur Astrology Kanpur Astrology Astrology Chennai, Lote of India nri clients   United Astrology States of America Astrology Alabama Astrology  Arizona Astrology California Astrology Florida Astrology  Astrology New Jersey  Astrology New York Astrology North Carolina, Astrology  Ohio, Astrology  Pennsylvania, Astrology  Texas, Astrology Utah Astrology  Washington All over andra Pradesh TS and   ETC.

Astrology Mercury

From Gemini, the moon is not doubt the lord of the 2nd house but from virgo she owns the 11th house from the moon mercury owns 12th therefore the moon must be considered to be an enemy of mercury. The relationship of venus and mars with mercury has already been discussed venus must be considered to be a friend. But mars an adversary Jupiter owns 7th and 10th from Gemini and 4th and 7th from virgo. 
Mercury owns the 6th and 9th houses from Capricon and 5th and8th from Aquarius. Therefore in both cases the 5th 6th and 8th houses are playing an important factor. Mercury is a colour less planet and therefore must be considered as having no enemy at all, for mercury need not be said to have any enemies.

Astrology The moon 
From the moon, the sun owns the 2nd house and therefore is a friend. Mercury is the lord of the 3rd and 12th , and therefore this planet has to be considered an enemy. But we have considered mercury a friend for the moon, and the moon an enemy of mercury venus owns the 4th and 11th because from Taurus, the moon owns the 3rd and from Cancer Venus is the lord of the 11th house. Venus is an enemy of the moon.
Saturn owns the 7th and 8th houses and from Capricorn the moon is the lord of the 7th house, while from Aquarius, she is the lord of the 6th house. Therefore, 6th and 8th houses play an important role. Therefore, Saturns and the moon are considered enemies, the moon however is said to be the enemy of no planet.

Astrology The sun  

For a Leo ascendant, mercuary owns the 2nd and 11th houses. for mercury the sun has been considered more a friend because mercury does not get eclipsed when it is in conjunction with the sun. in fact, mercury is in very close degrees of the sun. Venus is the lord of the 3rd and 10th house s.
Saturn owns 6th and 7th houses and from Saturn, the sun is the lord of 7th and 8th houses, therefore Saturn and the sun are enemies.

Astrology Jupiter 

Jupiter’s relation ship with mars, Venus, mercury, the moon and the sun has been considered previously. From Jupiter, Saturn owns the 2nd and 3rd and 11th and 12th houses, from Saturn, Jupiter owns the 3rd and 12th, and 2nd and 11th houses.
The relation ship of Saturn with other planets has been eamined earlier and therefore we can conclude for Saturn.

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